Roma Aromas formally known as Roma Aromatics

Roma Aromas has been as essential and significant contributor in the field of flavors and fragrance ingredients in India. Founded in 2002, this family-owned company put its experience and expertise to great advantage – entering the challenging field of sourcing premium grade Aroma Chemicals, Essential Oils & Resinoids. Roma Aroma keen eye for quality products, coupled with its insightful anticipation of customer needs, led to its importing flavors and fragrance ingredients from all over the Countries.

Roma Aromas also specializes in supply rare specialty chemicals within reasonable time frames through a range of values-added services.

Roma Aromas offers a complete customer care programme. We ensure a back-up stocks are maintained so that there is continuity of supplies at all times, and are committed to on-time delivery schedules; even before-time deliveries in most cases. From supplying hallmark products from different companies, we complement our services with an in-depth understanding of customers' needs and welcome consultation with clients to enable them to better their products. Customer satisfaction is what drives us to more effective solution and excellence in service. Our extensive knowledge and astute market intelligence enable us to give our customer the right advice to stay ahead of the pack. Our prompt and ever-attentive service has been well appreciated by our discerning customers.

Besides giving them marketing advantages, Roma Aromas competitive pricing keeps them smiling.


To keep providing only the most premium quality products (not premium priced products!), we look forward to more alliances for distribution rights to provide a greater portfolio of products with a price advantage.

We will continue to support customers through our customer care programme and keep providing the best possible services at all time.

Roma Aromas represent the following companies in India

  • O'Laughlin Industries Ltd – China
  • Nanjing Cosmos Chemicals Co. Ltd. – China
  • Soda Aromatics – Japan
  • Nippon Zeon – Japan'
  • Misitano & Stacuzzi S.P. A – Italy
  • Distillerie Blue Provence Sarl – France
  • Destilerias Munoz Galvez, S.A – Spain
  • Les De Moroc – Morroco